Meet George

My coaching philosophy is simple:
. . . become the possibilities which exist within you, and emerge from whatever holds you back.
. . . be the authentic, fully alive person that you love on your best days and miss on your worst days.
. . . reawaken your inner resources and wisdom – or discover them for the first time.
. . . appreciate the life you have while creating the life you want.
. . . embrace your dreams and aspirations as accomplishments that just haven’t shown up yet.
. . . overcome stress, fear and doubt.

My passion is to help you get there.

Prior to becoming a Life Coach, I held creative positions in advertising and marketing, professional-level positions in corporate communications, and clinical positions in substance abuse treatment centers. The variety, scope and dynamic nature of my career built strong business and personal skills that my clients find practical, inspiring and creative. It has been my privilege and joy to help countless people bring out the very best of themselves and achieve their personal visions of success. I’ve been blessed with great teachers and mentors in my life, and my mission is to pass on the gifts I have received from them to others.

Among my teachers, however, were not only people, but also life experiences. Some of the lessons I learned and the circumstances that taught them include:

  • I developed a profound sense of JOY and FREEDOM by responding to challenges such as whitewater rafting on the Nolichucky River in Tennessee;
  • I learned RESILIENCE by bouncing back from “downsizing” and a bankruptcy;
  • I grew in COURAGE and CONFIDENCE as I grew in recovery from addiction and codependency;
  • I became EMPOWERED while respecting the hazards of jungle life in the Peruvian Amazon, climbing in the Bolivian Andes, and walking on fire;
  • I enhanced my sense of INNER PEACE as I hiked the Canadian Rockies, sacred places in the Southwest, and the lush, deep forests on both U.S. coasts;
  • My TRUST grew when I nearly drowned – twice – and learned that “if you relax in a crisis, you’ll rise to the surface”;
  • and I found INSPIRATION by learning, as an artist, that utilizing mistakes can lead to greater creativity and more interesting and poignant outcomes.

So I bring all of this and much more to my coaching practice, providing my customers with fresh and different perspectives on their abilities, life paths and life lessons.

Degreed in Behavioral Sciences, I also have advanced training in body-centered gestalt therapy (Hartford Family Institute), humanistic and transpersonal psychology, focusing, meditation techniques, and expressive arts therapy. Certified as a Master Life Coach by the Certified Coaches Federation, I continue to grow and to learn the latest skills in coaching and personal growth in order to help people find a balance between their soul’s desire and the realities of modern life. I am a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), and Secretary of its Connecticut Chapter.

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