I kind of knew what direction I wanted my career to take, but I needed a plan. George helped me create one that really works for me, and he held me accountable to it by using my plan as a checklist for actions to be taken and progress made. He taught me how to stay focused and motivated on building my career, and get balance in my life at the same time. I work hard, but I love what I do and it’s so rewarding that I feel less stress than I used to. Now I just check in with George when I need a booster.” – D.C., Client

I’m proud to call George both friend and colleague. His spirituality, creativity and personal willingness to grow make him very effective in leading people to deeper places of their own aliveness and spirituality.” – Stuart Alpert, PsyD, co-founder of Hartford Family Institute and author of What to Do until Enlightenment

I came [to George] searching for answers –I’ve read all the books on happiness and abundance and success, and still felt miserable. George told me to stop reading and to stop focusing on what wasn’t working in my life. He had me set three goals that I thought would make me happy and feel successful. I did it with his support and it worked. Now I’m working on the next three goals and though these are a little tougher, I know I can do it. I’d recommend George to anyone.” – R.B., Client

[George] has a wonderful knack for going with the flow of a client’s process and guiding them through it to effect deep transformation. His insights into spiritual illness, such as depression, anxiety and addiction, helps his clients find workable solutions.” –Aviva Gold, LCSW, ATR, author of Painting from the Source

Thanks, George, for helping me to see it wasn’t my job or relationship that made me unhappy. I was ready to give up on both, but you taught me how to enjoy my life without having to throw everything away. The changes I had to make in my thinking and habits weren’t easy to make, but you stayed right with me and not only never gave up, you wouldn’t let me give up either! ! Now I have a much healthier lifestyle and make a lot more money because I keep it simple and don’t try to be everything to everybody. I just do what I do best. Thanks for helping me find the ‘treasure’ inside my own mind! And thanks for being a great coach, and I have to say, a great friend.” – N.I., Client