Life Coaching

The purpose of Life Coaching is simple: to help you feel happier, to help you achieve success (as you define success) in any area of life, and to help you build a life that feels fulfilling and meaningful to you. When you hire me, you get a partnership that provides clarity, insight, motivation and accountability to help you set and achieve your own goals and aspirations.

As a Certified Master Life Coach, I work with individuals, couples and groups in several convenient ways:

Office visits
Phone sessions
Teleseminars, Workshops and Webinars (Groups only)

Together, we create a plan specifically designed for you and the changes you want to make in your personal and/or professional life. A typical program consists of three sessions per month (a three month minimum is recommended to build and maintain momentum). Here is typical schedule:

Month One:

Assessment of Current Status: what is working and not working in your life;
Identifying specific changes and goals you want to achieve;
Strategizing an overall outcome-oriented plan;
Creating a detailed, step-by-step action plan.

In subsequent sessions, we focus on:

Putting the plan into action;
Maintaining motivation and momentum;
Being accountable to follow through on goal-directed assignments and tasks;
Dealing with obstacles and potential self-sabotage (old habits) that arise;
Celebrating successes along the way;
Evaluating and correcting any missteps along the way;
Termination planning.

After the changes or goals are accomplished, most clients opt to remain connected through monthly or periodic check-ins to ensure the continuation of their progress and success. Below is a free Self-Assessment Form in PDF format to determine how coaching could help you.

Self-Assessment PDF Form

In our work together, you can expect three outcomes:

1. A deeper understanding of how you operate and how to change what is not working for you;
2. Knowledge of your deepest desires, what limits you from achieving them, and how to overcome those limitations;
3. How to create more opportunity for success – as you define it – in your career, relationships, well-being and personal growth and development.

My Commitment to You:

I believe in my clients and I believe in my work, so I make a commitment to bring

QUALITY – service that you can count on throughout the process
RESULTS – you will experience improvement, often right from the start
IMPACT – your growth and success will also impact other areas of your life

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